Our Company

Hey! I want to be able to make my own choices!

In 2005, our founder Chris Duggan was helping a customer the tack store that she managed in Virginia and was struggling to find the item that her customer was looking for. ” I would love to be able to show you everything I know is available” she said, thinking of the huge pile of equestrian catalogs they had in the back from every major brand.

At home, she leafed through a pile of magazines and thought “Tomorrow, I am going to try and purchase all this wonderful equestrian stuff advertised in the magazines by placing calls to the phone numbers they had listed in their magazine ads”.  And so she did.  And the results were astounding – a 95% failure rate in getting the products she was calling about.  Obviously, customers like her were not being well-served – even by the large equestrian retail catalogs, that also cherrypicked items.

Everything for Horse and Rider

Online shopping was just becoming more accepted but what was interesting to Chris was that there was no major online retailer that offered “Everything for Horse & Rider”. So in 2006, Equestrian Collections was born to allow riders of all disciplines to make their own informed choices from all the wonderful World of Equestrian Shopping.

A World of Choices. Delivered

The Equestrian Collections web site now features the entire Collections of over 310 brands and Equestrian Collections Shoppers can choose from over 65,000 products.

Every Shopper Matters to Us

Not only does Equestrian Collections strive to always offer the best selection in the Equestrian industry, we also strive to offer the best customer service.  All our Customer Service Order Support Team are riders and horse owners, with life-time experience.  We strive to give our Shoppers the kind of Customer Service that we ourselves would like to get – often surprising customers with personal phone calls in addition to our automated contacts.

Shop in Comfort, Ride in Style

We understand that you, our Shoppers (95% women) are busy – often balancing family and career with your Riding passion.

We understand that your order with us is very important to you and we pledge to do everything in our power to deliver that order accurately to you when you expect it, at a competitive price.  We value every order that you place with us and hope that we can earn your trust so that we can serve you again in the future.

Our focus is to bring you World of  Equestrian Shopping, so that you can Shop in Comfort and Ride in Style.

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