Warm Weather Essentials for Spring & Summer – Trending Styles 3/24/17



Romfh Penelope Show Shirt

Show Shirts

No longer are show shirts available in just a single “ratcatcher” style. The most popular type of show shirt is the wrap-collar style, having an attached collar that is closed with magnets or snaps for the show ring. A more athletic pull-on style with a zip front is typically designed to be worn with a stock tie for dressage or eventing. Other show shirts can include a stock tie loop to keep the stock in place. Show shirts that feature a technical fabric with moisture-wicking and sun protection are also popular. Among hunter and jumper riders sa plain white shirt, with a pop of personality at the collar and cuffs (neatly hidden when the shirt is done up for the show ring), are the most popular. For dressage and eventers a variety of colors are popular as the shirts themselves are completely hidden when a stock tie is worn. In the option of coats being waived, however, a plain white shirt should be worn. A few popular show shirt brands are Essex Classics, Equine Couture and Romfh.


Kerrits Ice Fil Full Zip Jacket

Sun Protection Apparel

Be ready for Spring and Summer and protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays with apparel that features UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor). Bringing high-tech fabrics to the equestrian world, UPF is available in shirts, riding breeches, hats and even show coats. Other features that UPF apparel often feature are antimicrobial properties and mesh ventilation panels for wear during the hottest weather. A few popular brands that offer sun protection apparel include Irideon, Kerrits, and Asmar.


Bucas Buzz Off Zebra Fly Sheet

Equine UV Protection

Sun protection is important for your horse too! Sun protection for horses is often combined with fly protection, offered in fly sheets and fly masks. Sun protection can help to keep your horse’s coat from fading during the summer, and helps protect horses with light colored skin. For light-colored noses, consider using equine sun block, or a fly mask with an extended nose. A few popular brands that offer sun protection are Amigo, Cashel and Kensington.

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