Trending Styles 3/10/17 All About Athletics


Antimicrobial Fabrics


Irideon Cooldown Icefil Show Shirt

A relatively new fabric treatment effectively kills or inhibits the growth of microorganisms on the fabric. While this may have started in the health and medical field it’s become popular in athletics because it keeps your gear (and you!) smelling fresh even after a hard work out at the barn. Some of the most popular uses of this treatment are in riding shirts, riding helmets and even horse equipment.

Sports Bras


Cheata Lock Down Sports Bra

There is nothing more distracting, nor painful than riding a sitting trot with an un-supportive or ill-fitting bra. A good riding sports bra is designed for high-impact sports activities, such as the fore-mentioned sitting trot, cantering and jumping. A few of the most popular bras are by Enell and Cheata Equestrian.

Massage & Alternative Therapy


Sportz Vibe Blanket for Horse & Dog

Provide your horse (or dog!) with all the benefits of massage without the masseuse! A massage therapy blanket or pad can help reduce pain and inflammation in the muscles when used before and after exercise. Other popular therapies include reflective heat therapy, compression therapy and magnetic therapy.

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