Affordable European Fashion From Horze Equestrian

Horze Equestrian, a branch of the well-known harness racing equipment manufacturer Finn-Tack, has been around since 2003. The company launched after the horse enthusiast owners of Finn-Tack decided to broaden their company to meet the demands for English riders and horse owners alike.

Horze BREE Polo Shirt

Horze BREE Polo Shirt

The clothing designers, made up a team of equestrians who also rode semi-professionally, as well as designers who have worked for other well-known fashion brands, carefully research the designs and trends for the upcoming year before choosing styles, patterns, and colors for their clothing. They like to incorporate high-end fashion into their equestrian clothing lines in order to keep their consumers looking as fashionable as possible.

Horze Equestrian has two lines in its catalog: Horze and B Vertigo. The differences that set the B Vertigo line apart is the difference in fabric, stitching, and details. The Horze line is intended for all riding levels, while B Vertigo tends to cater more towards professional riders.

Along with their clothing, Horze also sells an array of supplies ranging from items to care for your horse to items for your barn. These items are held to the same standards as their clothing, so not only will you receive a great value, but it will also be great quality.

Horses are athletes as well, so Horze carries the Back on Track items for horses in order to help keep your horse in top condition with the stresses he is put through on a day-to-day basis. Horze believes that technologies behind the Back on Track products are beneficial to help your horse reach his top potential.

Horze 30L Zofty Feed Bucket

Horze 30L Zofty Feed Bucket

Horze’s main vision is to become the global market leader, which they are achieving by sticking to its European roots. They are one of the few companies that is able to provide a great range of fashionable, quality products at unbeatable prices. Horze has expanded their company to reach customers all over the globe, and they are really happy with the progress their company has made over the years.

Although Horze’s North American office is run separately from their other offices around the globe, they still find that communication is key to reduce any challenges the company may face from having offices all around the globe. The fact that the company has great communication has enabled Horze to become a global market leader.

Molly Paladino Jumping Her Horse

Molly Paladino Jumping Her Horse

I spoke with Molly Paladino, a Sales Representative at Horze who has been with the company for about a year. She has always had a passion for horses, but hasn’t always envisioned working in the equestrian fashion industry. As most little girls do, she dreamed of riding in the Olympics one day. She had been working towards being a professional rider, but jumped at the opportunity to work for Horze Equestrian once she was presented with the opportunity. “I thought it was one [opportunity] that I couldn’t pass up, and I’m glad that I didn’t!” Paladino said about her career. “It’s exciting to me to be able to provide affordable equipment and clothing to all riders. I’m a firm believer in ‘looking the part’”

As a Sales Representative, she is on the road most of the time visiting tack shop owners. She presents Horze Equestrian’s products to new and existing stores so that the employees can be as knowledgeable and up-to-date about all of the products that Horze has to offer.

Paladino finds that the most satisfying part of her job is that all equestrians share the bond of their love of horses. She finds that she learns something new from every person that she meets, no matter what their job title is. “Each person has a

Horze Ladies Grand Prix Knee Patch Breeches

Horze Ladies Grand Prix Knee Patch Breeches

unique story of what brought them into the industry and I enjoy learning something from everyone.”

The one item that Paladino is most excited about from Horze Equestrian’s Spring 2014 line is the Grand Prix Breeches. These breeches are available in both a knee patch and a full seat. Being a rider herself, Paladino has tried out a lot of different breeches, but her absolute favorite are the Grand Prix breeches. “Nothing compares to the Grand Prix. Not only are they comfortable, but the price is unbelievable!” These breeches are made to last, and can withstand multiple rides per day, as well as through competitions. Horze has changed these breeches for the better, by adding a “sock bottom” to make the rider as comfortable in the saddle as possible. Paladino adds “If you have yet to try the Grand Prix breeches, you are missing out!”

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