Summer Horse Camp Survival Guide

Is your child going to an equestrian summer camp? Keep your child safe and happy while at summer camp, without spending a fortune with our handy guide.

Two of the most important items your child will need are an ASTM certified helmet and a pair of boots with a low heel. These items will help to make sure that your child has a safe ride.

Troxel Rose Rebel Western Helmet - Black/Turquoise

Troxel Rose Rebel Western Helmet – Black/Turquoise


Helmets are extremely important to wear when riding. Even the safest horse can have a freak accident. An ASTM certified helmet is required by most, if not all, equestrian summer camps

The Ovation Protege Riding Helmet is a great ASTM certified helmet for summer camp. It comes in several fun colors, so your child can choose their favorite! The sleek, low-profile design minimizes the “bubble head” look, and offers plenty of ventilation with the four air vents to keep your child stylish and comfortable in the saddle. This helmet also includes a dial in the back for easy adjustment and a customized fit.

A great western-looking ASTM certified helmet is the Troxel Rose Rebel Western Helmet. This helmet is available in both black/turquoise and black/pink to match your child’s sense of style. This helmet offers the CinchFit Pro technology, which incorporates elastic straps that self-adjust to the size and shape of the rider’s head. This helmet also offers a moisture wicking liner and Air-Channel technology to keep your kid cool during the summer.


The best way to choose the style of boot your child will need is to first decide if the child will be riding English or Western. If you aren’t sure, you can contact the camp to find out. You don’t want your child to show up at Cowgirl Camp looking like she just stepped from the Hunter/Jumper ring!

TuffRider Kids Starter Zip Paddock Boots

TuffRider Kids Starter Zip Paddock Boots

If your child will be riding English style, a paddock boot such as the TuffRider Kids Starter Zip Paddock Boots are a great choice. These affordable boots are made of a soft, synthetic leather in either the color black or brown. The synthetic leather is easier to deal with since it is able to get wet and doesn’t have to be cleaned with leather cleaners. The front zip on these boots makes it easy for your child to either put on, or take off their boots by his or herself.

For children riding western, a great boot is the Smoky Mountain Kids Diego Boot. This boot is both rugged and versatile, which is perfect for the cowboy lifestyle! The Diego boot was made for comfort, style, and function, so whether your child is going to be spending all day in the saddle, or doing other activities, this boot can stay on all day (except in the pool, of course!). 

EquiStar Childs Classic Riding Breeches

EquiStar Childs Classic Riding Breeches

Riding Pants

For children riding English style, you will want to buy either jodhpurs or breeches. Jodhpurs and breeches are stretchy pants that don’t restrict movement and offer the grip your child needs in an English saddle. Children usually wear jodhpurs until they are around 11 to 13 years old before making the switch to breeches, but whatever they decide to wear for riding pants is fine as long as their legs are covered.

The TuffRider Kids Starter Pull On Jodhpurs are perfect for summer camp. They are available in 4 great colors, so that your child can either choose their favorite color, or have several pairs for the week! These comfortable jods are easy to pull on, but also include features such as a false fly front and belt loops, to make them stylish, yet easy for your child to put on and take off by themselves. They are also machine washable, so you don’t have to worry about not throwing them in with the rest of your child’s laundry.

If your child decides that he or she wants to wear breeches, the EquiStar Childs Classic Riding Breeches are the way to go. These low-rise knee patch breeches are affordable, so you can buy your child several pairs without breaking the bank. The Velcro bottoms will keep these breeches from riding up. The material is also made to withstand the rigors of barn work and plenty of riding!

Western riders are able to wear their favorite pair of jeans. Jeans with flat, or no inner seams will be the most comfortable in the saddle.

Half Chaps

Horze Kids Amara Synthetic Half Chaps

Horze Kids Amara Synthetic Half Chaps

For the child riding English style who has decided to wear breeches, you will want to invest in a pair of half chaps. Half chaps will not only give your child more grip with his or her legs, but it will also prevent rubbing.

The Horze Kids Amara Sythetic Half Chaps are an economical choice that should hold up to more than a summer full of riding. These half chaps come in both black and brown to match your child’s paddock boots, and allow for a comfortable fit with a side zipper, velcro and button closures, as well as elastic . The foot strap at the bottom also assists to keep the half chaps in place while your child is riding.

If your child is going to a day camp, they may need a few accessories to get through the day, such as a lunchbox, a backpack, and a water bottle. We have some horse-themed ones to make equestrian camp even more fun!

Kelley Equestrian has 3 great lunch boxes that will keep your child’s lunch cool with insulation. There is also a side mesh pocket that easily fits a water bottle or can and a molded grip handle for easy transportation. This great lunch box is available in three enjoyable designs: Galloping Horse, Bucking Horse, and Pony.

Stirrups Wake Up and Ride Cinch Backpack

Stirrups Wake Up and Ride Cinch Backpack

The Kelley Aluminum Sports Bottle, which is also made by Kelley Equestrian, is the perfect water bottle for horse camp! This easy to clean water bottle can carry 25 fluid ounces. It also has a carabiner so you can clip it to a bag or backpack when not in use! Your child can choose between a jumper or a dressage horse design, or you can get one of each to make sure he or she has plenty of water for a busy day of riding.

The Stirrups Clothing Company manufacturers three adorable drawstring backpacks that are perfect for packing a change of clothes, some books, or anything else that your child wants to take to camp. These 210 denier oxford nylon bags will hold up to life in the barn, and fit in with designs such as Barn Girl, Ride Strong, and Wake Up And Ride. These backpacks are sure to be a hit at camp!


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