Spring Cleaning

Spring is here, so now it is time to air out the barn, clean and fix all of the horses’ blankets, clean tack, and organize. Here is a handy guide to help you get rid of winter and embrace the warmer weather.

Rambo By Horseware Blanket Wash

Rambo By Horseware Blanket Wash

If your blankets don’t have rips and tears where the stuffing is falling out, it is easiest to first clean your blankets to make them a little more hygienic before you start to mend anything. Using regular laundry detergent as well as fabric softener will destroy the waterproofing on your turnout blankets. Rambo By Horseware Blanket Wash is designed specifically for horse blankets. It will help keep the blanket waterproof and is made for blankets with synthetic, polycotton, and insulated horse blankets. You can then get rid of anything stuck in the velcro using the VelCleaner Velcro Brush. Using this special brush will make it easier to remove any debris stuck in your Velcro to make the Velcro work better.

Once the blanket is clean, you can hang it on the Economy Blanket rack that comes in both small and large sizes. You do not want to put the horse blanket in the dryer, since that isn’t good for turnout blankets either.

After you blanket is clean and dry, you can replace any parts that were worn out or destroyed. If the blanket needs new back leg straps, Shires Spare Leg Straps are easy to attach to your blanket, since they have clips on both ends. They are also adjustable so that you can make sure it fits your horse when you use the blanket again in the fall. For blankets that need a new tail cord instead, the Rambo by Horseware Elastic Bungee Cord is a tough, easy-to-clean replacement. This tail cord is a bungee cord that is surrounded by a plastic tube, so that it is flexible, but isn’t easily worn out. For blankets that have broken surcingle buckles, the Weatherbeeta Horse Blanket Surcingle Buckle Set is the perfect resolution.

Once your blankets are clean and repaired, the best solution for storing your blankets is in a blanket bag. The Kelley Equestrian Sport Blanket Bag is a great solution to your blanket storage issues. Not only is this bag breathable, easily cleaned, and easy to transport due to its handles, but it also comes in fun colors and has two identification tags to record horse and rider information for easy identification once it is time to bring the blankets back out next fall.

MOSS Melts Away Leather Cleaner

MOSS Melts Away Leather Cleaner

Show season is upon us, so now it is time to bring out all of the show tack that has been sitting in storage all winter. For tack that is dirty, moldy, and just plain gross, the MOSS Melts Away Leather Cleaner and Conditioner is the perfect quick fix. Not only does it live up to its name of melting away all the disgusting things you don’t want on your leather, but it is all natural, so it will not hurt your leather. It is also good for cleaning hard to reach areas such as between the leather on laced reins.

The best way to keep your leather soft and supple is by using Stubben Leather Soap. Not only will it make your leather feel like brand new, but it also easy on your hands.

We all know that cleaning tack isn’t the most exciting task, but you can make it more fun by using Equi-Essentials Rainbow Tack Sponges. These affordable sponges come in a variety of colors and are versatile to help with any task that requires a sponge.

Once your tack is clean, you can hang it up on racks or store it in a tack trunk to keep it in a safe and organized. The Horze Bridle Rack is an affordable way to hang bridles and martingales, and comes in different colors to match your tack room. The Roma Shaped Saddle Rack hangs on your wall to keep your tack off the ground. It is also shaped to help your saddle keep its shape!

Horse Fare Custom Bit Box

Horse Fare Custom Bit Box

Now that it is spring, sweeping your barn is a lot more pleasant. You can open up the barn doors to let the dust out. If you are in need of a new broom, the Horze Stable Push Broom Head is a great broom head to purchase. It is 20 inches wide, so you will get more debris in each stroke of the broom, and being made of hard PVC bristles, this broom will hold up to a lot of use.

If your pitchfork broke when the ground (and everything around it) was frozen, the Kelley Pitchfork Replacement Head will get you back in business! This durable replacement head is easily attached on a broom handle, and comes in four different colors to match your barn.

The spring is a great time to get a good scrub on your troughs, water, and feed buckets. The most comfortable brush to use is the Roma Gel Bucket Brush. Not only does this brush adorn a gel handle, but it also comes in a variety of fun colors to make this this task more fun.

Another way to make your barn look tidier is to put items in their own containers. Instead of leaving your collection of bits all tangled up in a bucket, you could organize them neatly in this Horse Fare Custom Bit Box. This gorgeous bit box is stained to your choice of color to match your barn and has four adjustable dowels to allow easy access to your bit collection. For items that do not have a place, the Burlingham Sports Storage Bin is made of a heavy-duty polyethylene, so it will not rust or rot. This rodent and water resistant storage bin is large enough to hold over 200 lbs of feed, and can be locked for added security. The Saratoga Horseworks Wet Stuff Bag is the best place to store those sponges and towels after they are used. This handy mesh bag looks great and lets your wet items dry without cluttering up your barn.

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