Blanketing for Your Breed

No two horses are built alike, and some breeds just don’t fit the average horse mold!  We compiled information from our vendors, our personal experience, and the experiences of our customers to help you choose the best blanket for your horse’s breed/build.


For our biggest horse breeds, just finding a the a big enough size can be difficult!   Equestrian Collections has a number of blankets recommended for Warmbloods and Drafts.  Here are our top picks.

  1. Amigo by Horseware XL Heavyweight Horse Blanket Designed specifically for larger horse breeds by Horseware with a more generous cut around the neck and shoulders and added depth around the belly.  Available in light, medium, and heavy weight.  This horse blanket is available is a size 90!  This is the largest horse blanket size we carry.
  2. Rambo by Horseware Duo Horse Blanket This extremely versatile horse blanket from Rambo is the perfect fit for larger breeds, and goes up to a size 87.  Worn on its own, or with the matching Duo Blanket Liner, available in three weights, this is the only blanket your horse will need to get through winter!  Removable neck cover.

Customer Favorites:

We asked our customers and Facebook fans to tell us what blankets they found work best for their horse’s breed/build.  Here are our Customer Favorites for Warmblood/Drafts

  1. Shires Typhoon Horse Blankets:  Available in three styles and in heavy and medium weight, this blanket by Shires was recommended as a great blanket for large, broader built horses.  Available up to a size 87, the Shires Typhoon Horse Blanket has all the features needed to keep your horse warm, dry, and comfortable this winter.
  2. Weatherbeeta Orican Horse Blankets:  The perfect fit for your Warmblood/ Draft at a reasonable price!  The Weatherbeeta Orican Horse Blankets are made with traditional shoulder gussets to give even the broadest shouldered horse freedom of movement and comfort.  Available in three different neck styles in light, medium, and heavy weight.

Quarter Horses/Stock Horses:

These horses are normally not as large as warmbloods, but are often fairly broad, especially in the rump!  Here are our top picks:

  1. Rambo by Horseware Quarter Horse Turnout:  The same time tested, waterproof, breathable turnout as the Rambo Original, but designed to fit a Quarter Horse!  Rambo blankets last longer, making them a worthwhile investment.  Click here to see why!
  2. TuffRider 600D Plaid Turnout Horse Blanket:  This waterproof, breathable sheet is great for the horse owner on a budget.  It is a midweight, waterproof, breathable horse blanket suitable for most winter weather.  The shoulder gussets provide freedom of movement and a little extra room for wide-shouldered Quarter Horses.  There is also amble room in the rear to fit that classic Quarter Horse rump! At only $90.95, it is great quality at a great value.

Customer Picks:

  1. Pessoa Horse Blankets: A number of our Facebook Fans recommended Pessoa Horse Blankets for Quarter Horses, Appaloosas, Stock Horses, or any shorter, broader built Horse.  They come in a variety of styles, colors, and weights so you have plenty of options for you horse.  Click Here for ten reasons to buy a Pessoa Horse Blanket.

Thoroughbreds, Arabians, Sport Horses:

For horses that tend to be more narrow in the shoulders, and more slender all around, finding a blanket that doesn’t slip or hang too low can be difficult. Here are some blankets that work for this group of horses.

  1. HUG Blankets:  If you have a horse with narrow shoulders, you need a blanket you can adjust yourself so that they really fit your horse… a blanket that provides full freedom of shoulder movement, and prevent rubbing.  The Patented Hug Blanket, with overlapping panels and adjustable elastic straps, makes easy work of sizing and fitting. The elastic attachments actually stretch as your horse lowers his head to eat and then restore the blanket to its original position when he lifts it up again!  Available in a variety of sizes, styles, and weights.
  2. Rambo Original Turnout:  The standard in horse blankets, the Rambo Original Turnout is the most versatile horse blanket we have come across.  While managing horse farms, I found this blanket fit just about every horse and pony I worked with.  Waterproof, and with superior breathability.  Available in a light, medium, and heavy weight.  Available with neck cover, or with neck cover sold separately.

Customer Picks:

  1. TuffRider 1200D Stretch Manager Plus Horse Turnout Blanket Stretch Manager Plus is made from a special 4 way stretch rip stop fabric which is laminated with a breathable, waterproof membrane for the ultimate comfort and protection in a lightweight horse blanket .  The strategically placed stretch fabric panels do not need shoulder gussets and allow for a very aesthetic design and appearance.  A number of our Facebook Fans suggested this as the perfect blanket for narrow shouldered or slender horses.
  2. Weatherbeeta Landa Rug-Sac Horse Turnout Blanket Set A fantastic combo of blankets!  The Rug-Sac includes a lightweight, medium weight, and a fleece cooler.  A whole winter of blanketing needs in one!The Landa Rug-Sac includes: Landa Original Standard Neck with 220 grams of fill, Landa Original Standard Neck Lite (no fill), and a Standard neck fleece cooler.


Here are our favorite blankets for smallest breeds!  Some are tiny, some are stout.  We have something for all the ponies out there!

  1. Weatherbeeta Pony Standard Neck Turnout Blanket A fresh styled blanket with a tough 600D outer. Fully waterproof and breathable, the blanket features nylon lined shoulders, a shoulder gusset for ease of movement and adjustable/removable leg straps.  Your pony will be in the height of fashion in this great turnout blanket.  This blanket starts at a size 51 and is available in a variety of colors to suit your adorable little pony!  Plus it only costs $71.95!!
  2. TuffRider 600D Pony Plaid Turnout Blankets:  Available in light, medium, and heavy weight starting at a size 60.  This blanket features high shoulder gussets to give even the most active ponies freedom of movement.  Also great for broader shouldered or stout ponies.

Customer Picks:

  1. Rhino Pony Wug Turnout Blanket:  The best all around pony blanket on the market.  Starting in a size 51, this blanket will fit even the smallest ponies.  The high cut neck acts like a scarf, reducing heat loss.  This style, with the v-snap closure is also great for any pony who tends to get shoulder rubs.  One of our Facebook Fans also told us this is a great blanket for larger, chunky ponies, such as Connemara ponies.

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